Monday, October 1, 2012

Festivals, new shows, and best friends...

I've got a lot going on in my pea-brain so hang on...this post may be long.

First of all, last weekend was Liberty's annual fall festival and my girlfriend and I decided to rent a booth and throw our art out there for the world, (i.e. the Northland) to see.  The weather could not have been better and the crowds were thick.  I sold about 10 pieces which was less than I hoped for, but a great first outing.  This event gave me a chance to get the feel of things, how to talk to complete strangers about my art, how to display things, (keep moving things around), and how to use my new square (we were able to accept credit cards on our iPhones)  Bazinga!

Second of all, while sales weren't where I would have hoped them to be, we did get validation as artists from  four, count them FOUR future art shows.  Not festivals with carnival rides, corn dogs, and kettle corn, but actual art festivals with other artists and beer gardens.  Again I say, Bazinga!  Representatives from Liberty Art Squared, St. Joseph Trails West, Holiday on the Hill Gift Market at Briarcliff to benefit Oakhill Day School, and Northland Holiday Mart at Harrah's Casino have all made contact or discussed booth rentals with either myself or Allison.  We are thrilled and plan on attending as many as we can.  It's so cool to be able to do something you love, something that makes you happy.  But to have others appreciate your efforts is the best feeling ever.

And finally, best friends. What can I say.  I am so blessed to have the friends in my life that I do.  All are so supportive.  I am still amazed that I have an artist friend that WANTS to do shows with me.  Not compete.  Not fight to be better or sell more, but actually be a team.  There was a point when a client entered our booth looking for something for a baby shower gift.  She wanted something that would grow with the decor as the child grew older.  Allison started pulling examples of my stuff, and I pulled one of hers down.  It didn't matter to either of us who painted it, we liked all of it and wanted to find the perfect piece for that client.  Thinking of that still makes me smile.  To all my friends who came out to see our booth, purchase a piece, gopher food for me, hang out and people watch with us, and y'all know who you are...thank you!

Okay...I think my pea-brain is empty for now.  Here's the next two show dates.  Feel free to stop by and purchase art, bring food, watch the people, or just make my day.  I'd love to see you.

Saturday, November 3rd   Holiday Market supported by the Blue Springs Art Council from 5pm to 9pm.  Hor Dourves and Wine!

Sunday, November 18th  Holiday on the Hill Gift Market at the Marriott at Briarcliff from Noon to 4pm.

Finally (again), follow my art team mate on Facebook.  She posts her most current work and keeps you updated on future sale dates.  You won't be disappointed.  She rocks!

Until my next's the two that sold fast and furious.  I told myself if they didn't sell I was hanging them in my house.  Guess I'll be working on a few more of these.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Blog, New Post

I decided to change my blog name to match my facebook page and it proved more difficult than it should have been.  So instead of changing the old blog, I just recreated everything onto the new blog.  So, if you are joining me from there, thank you!  And if you are new, welcome!

Two weeks until Fall Festival here in Liberty and I'm so nervous!  I've been painting my fingers off and I still don't know if I have enough, or too much...ugh!

Here's a couple of new pieces I created for the festival.  Come on down and see my booth, I'd love to see a friendly face!

Time for a little color...

Copied over from of 07/22/2012

Ahhh, it's been a long HOT summer.  Temps continue in the 104-106 degree range this week and I'm simply tired of it.  The landscaping is all dried and brown, the ground is cracking, and then the air went out in my office building last Friday.  The good part about that was an early release!  And with the hectic schedule I've had since the first of July, I was anxious to have an entire weekend to ART!  Saturday was a trip for art supplies, and the rest of the weekend I painted.

My goal for my painting is to stop being afraid of bright color.  I love artwork with big, bold color and I'm drawn to pieces that have everything but earth tones in them.  But when I pick up a brush, those colors scare me.  Even today, I would pull out a bright tube of paint and thought, "Oh, no...that is gaudy!, I can't."  But I did, and it's not gaudy, and I think I love it.  I have one finished and one nearly there.  It's nice to look at something bright and cheery instead of cracked, brown, and dead.  Check this one out and tell me what you think!

 And if anyone knows a rain dance, get shakin!

For the bathroom...

Copied over from of 06/10/2012

So it's Saturday morning and I'm cleaning the bathroom and I've never bought pictures for the walls and I'm thinking I should do that.  I should go by pictures for the walls.  And then, you know, Duh!  I like what I do...I should do that for this room!  So I did.  As it always happens, I have an idea in my head and it doesn't go to the canvas like that.  But I like how they turned out...and I have two more to do.  I'm doing a grouping of four on 6x6 canvas.  I think the remaining two will be more simple, maybe flowers, to offset how busy these two are.  I'll post a pic when they are on the wall all together.

Although, I used a great yellow.  And I must have liked it because it's almost the same color as the walls.  So I may have to repaint the bathroom.  And then I'll have to get new towels and a rug.  And I'll have to maybe paint the cabinets and the mirror.  So...don't hold your breathe on that final picture!


Never Give Up

Copied over from of 06/03/2012

Hubs and I spent the weekend in Eureka Springs, AR.  His band played a venue for their annual Blues Fest.  I had a weekend of playing in my paints and markers on my agenda but it was not to be.  He wanted me to go with, so I did.  I wasn't all that excited about it, I'm not ever eager for a long car ride.  But...we had a great time. I got to meet the wives of the new band and they were pretty fun.  Then we spent all day Saturday downtown and I was really impressed with the caliber of art they have to offer.  Everything from folk art to oil paintings, woodworking to jewelry, stained glass to quilting.  And it was all amazing.  There were plenty of chotchkie and boutique type stores but I was very inspired by the art that was everywhere.

The reason I wanted an art-working weekend is because a friend asked if she could purchase a piece of my work as a donation to the Relay For Life event she is team leader for here in June.  If you don't know, and I didn't, the Relay For Life is an event held in every major community, and a lot of minor ones, that helps communities celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease.  I wasn't going to allow her to purchase a piece, rather I offered to make something especially for the event.  What that would be, I wasn't sure.  Until I saw a phrase on a bookmark in one of the art stores this weekend.  Then I couldn't wait to get home and paint.  Here's what I came up with, I think it says it all and I hope she likes it.  If your community is hosting a Relay For Life event in your area I highly encourage you to participate or donate.  It's a super cool, super fun, family fun night for a cause I'm sure has touched each of us in one way or another.  We must Never Give Up.